Creative Advertising Agency for Technology, Fashion & Electronics
Creative advertising agency that specializes in technology, fashion, travel, financial services, consumer electronics, and retail industries, providing branding, creative concepts, and digital solutions.
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Creative Advertising Agency: HiveMind Studios

What do you get when you bring the most experienced strategic, intensely digital, and helplessly creative people together in one place?


HiveMind Studios is a hybrid creative advertising agency that blends strategy, creativity and technology to help your business get noticed. We can help you shift market perceptions and increase the quality and quantity of your traffic and leads. We can help you break through today’s clutter and confusion to connect with the people who matter most to your business and success.

From developing insightful strategies to creating persuasive campaigns to optimizing for continuous improvement, our programs instantly resonate with audiences and propel companies from obscurity to profitable recognition.

Creative Advertising Agency
for Consumer Fashion, Technology & Electronics

HiveMind Studios Travel & Tourism Advertising Agency

Creative Advertising Agency for Travel & Tourism

Whether you want to fill seats or attract new customers, we have the passport you need for success.

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Quantum commerce in 2016

Advertising Agency for Fashion and Luxury

Fashion and Luxury items require special attention, both to styles and trends. At HiveMind Studios, our trend forecasting is second to none.

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Retail Branding Ideas

Advertising for Retail Stores and Chains

If you have branding, advertising, or digital marketing needs, find out how a creative advertising agency, like HiveMind Studios, can help.

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HiveMind Studios Understands Technology Marketing

Advertising Agency for Technology and Biotech

Our strong experience with technology and biotech companies in Silicon Valley make us the perfect partner to help you with branding and digital marketing challenges.

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Financial Services Marketing

Advertising for Financial Services

We understand how the financial services industry works and can help you navigate through regulations to increase awareness of your products and services.

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Consumer Electronic Advertising

Advertising Agency for Consumer Electronics

Got a hot new consumer electronics product? We can get the early traction you need to beat market incumbents.

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We’re the Creative Advertising Agency You’ve Been Searching For

We’re fearless.

We’re not afraid of big ideas; you shouldn’t be either. These are the game changers. It takes a little more work to sell them up the ladder, but it’s worth it.

We’re fresh.

Our creative advertising agency has stylish and sophisticated tastes. We take great pride in being storytellers, solving problems, and making ideas work—beautifully. We push creative ideas to the limit to break through the noise and engage a new breed of buyers.

We’re fun.

Advertising is supposed to be a little bit fun. Creating exciting concepts, running campaigns, building websites…what’s not to love?


From visitors to leads to sales

Today’s marketing environment is competitive, lean, immediate. Some times you need help figuring out what to do to leverage your position. And sometimes you just need to get the work done and out the door. HiveMind Studios is ready to help you with both situations.

Whether your business is just getting started with digital marketing or you simply want to brush up on the basics, HiveMind Studios provides essential guidance for setting up and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy, step by step.

We cover everything from developing great creative and branding, to establishing your initial keyword strategy and website to leveraging content marketing and social media to analyzing and refining your strategies.

By the time we’re finished, all the pieces will fit together perfectly.

Cut costs and take control

To cut costs and improve productivity, executives are outsourcing mission-critical activities to companies who can complete them better, faster and cheaper. However some functions, like marketing, are difficult to outsource safely without risking effectiveness.

That’s where HiveMind Studios can help. We’re a new breed of creative advertising agency that combines local control, with experienced personnel, worldwide resources and attractive pricing.

You’ll have the local control and resources you need to develop persuasive messaging, designs that reinforce branding, and lead generation programs that deliver results. And you take advantage of local services and widespread talent to save money without sacrificing effectiveness.

Creative advertising agency services

HiveMind Studios provides branding and marketing solutions that attract prospects to your marketing messages, including:

• Branding, Messaging and Positioning that defines your company’s uniqueness

• Creative concepts and graphic design that showcase your company

• A dynamic website that engages visitors

• Permission-based email campaigns

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

• Pay per click (PPC) advertising

• Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook

• Inbound Marketing

• Fixing Marketing Problems

• Sophisticated analytics

Delegate as much to HiveMind Studios as you want. You retain complete control of branding, messaging, and deliverables.

Typical Tactics for Custom Programs

  • Tightly differentiated positioning and key messages
  • Compelling and result-focused websites that generate higher quality marketing and sales leads
  • Strategic distribution of messages to increase visibility and awareness to drive higher quality web traffic
  • Optimized web content to boost organic and paid search results
  • Customized social media activities that build community and enhance credibility
  • Creative email campaigns that engage audiences and increase loyalty
  • Tangible, measurable results reported against project goals and business objectives

If you’re unsure what’s wrong with your advertising, marketing, or branding, and have no idea or no time to correct, talk with a HiveMind Studios strategist.

We’re not pitchmen trying to sell you a package of goods. We’re a creative advertising agency with marketing experts who can help you identify what’s wrong, and what’s right, and devise a strategic plan that activates all the digital marketing elements you’ll need to generate leads, improve your branding, spice up your advertising, and make your website work harder.