Creative Advertising Agency That Continually Proves Its Worth
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HiveMind: A Creative Advertising Agency That Continually Proves its Worth

Welcome to HiveMind Studios! We are the creative advertising agency that blends strategy and digital marketing tactics with innovative ideas to significantly increase your customer base. It is our business to ensure relevant traffic finds its way to your website, resulting in more conversions and more customers.

How to Improve Marketing Efforts, Social Engagement, ROI, & Revenue!

Wondering how HiveMind Studios will capture the attention of your audience? We start by crafting a strategic digital marketing plan that maximizes marketing efforts. Our amazing team will breathe new life into your business website so it looks and performs the way it should on any device, large or small.

Our creative advertising agency uses use inbound marketing tactics to attract more of the right visitors, and turn those visitors into warm leads and happy customers. Our team works tirelessly to brand your business as something consumers find engaging, exciting, and very memorable.

At HiveMind, we do what is most effective for our clients’ marketing needs. There’s no emphasis on ‘bigger’ when it is not ‘better’ for the client. Our personal approach with regard to client service and needs, sometimes limits the number of clients we can accept at one time, but that’s how we roll.


Our Services:
Fashion, Travel, Retail, and So Much More

Creative advertising agency services across
a wide range of industries….

Creative Advertising Agency


People are traveling more than ever, and not just via planes, trains, and automobiles. Cruise lines, riverboats, walkabouts, and even hot air balloons are part of today’s fast-paced travel industry, and we’re here to provide the passport you need to succeed. Whether you desire more cruise line, hotel, or airline bookings, more customers at your luxury vacation destination, additional car rental customers, or something else that’s travel-tastic, HiveMind is the creative advertising agency to work with. The competition is fiercer than ever before, and having a creative digital marketing plan laden with killer concepts is a necessity. If you are looking to drive traffic, book rooms, fill seats, or otherwise make your company a travel service must, look to us. We will make certain you travel in style.

Fashion And Luxury

Fashion and Luxury

Working in the fashion industry means maintaining a watchful eye on the latest trends…an eye so sharp that even the most dedicated watchdog would be jealous. Our trend forecasting services are nothing short of spectacular, as we have an international fashion trend forecaster on staff. This advantage provides us with the inside track on the next big thing, and all things after it. From crafting interactive social media campaigns to predicting Pantone’s new color of the year and creating exciting brand experiences for your target audience, HiveMind is company that keeps you ahead of fashion’s most ravenous wolves.

Creative Advertising Agency for Retail Branding Ideas

Retail Stores and Chains

Today’s customer walks into a store armed with more product and service information than ever before. Your online profile, brand, and messaging must remain on point to keep current customers satisfied while bringing new ones into the retail fold. Our team is chock-full of superstar retail shoppers with a profound understanding of what works and what doesn’t. They follow hundreds of brands, compare shopping experiences in relation to product/service quality, and build campaigns that change how customers feel about brands.


HiveMind Studios Understands Technology Marketing

Technology and Biotech

As a tech agency, we’re proud to say we’ve worked with some of the brightest stars in the Silicon Valley, including startups, national companies, and international leaders. Think of us as the ultimate partner in creating high-tech, successful marketing campaigns for your products. Let us help you change people’s lives with innovative product campaigns that nurture leads and get results.

Creative Advertising Agency


Our experience in the finance industry gives us the edge you need—an edge that makes staying ever-present in consumer minds possible. We’ll help you navigate the murky waters surrounding financial trends and solve your branding problem or content challenge. If your next creative advertising campaign could use some fresh ideas that tell stories, increase brand awareness, and otherwise get results, talk to us.

Consumer Electronics Advertising

Consumer Electronics

Is your product the hot new electronics option the world needs to know about? Let us provide you with the early traction necessary for surpassing market incumbents. Whether you’re marketing speakers, headphones, media devices, televisions, sports watches, apps, game consoles, or other electronic must-haves, we will provide the meticulous marketing plan that puts your products at the forefront.

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We’re the Creative Advertising Agency of Your Marketing Dreams

We’re fearless.

Trust our team of rock stars to put your company ahead of the rest. We’re creative and fun, honest and dedicated, naturally strategic and digital minded. Capable of communicating your brand story with style, sophistication, and the perfect amount of pizazz, we thrive on creating branding concepts, running super-sweet advertising campaigns, and building visually stunning websites. We aren’t afraid of taking risks or implementing big ideas…and neither should you be!

We’re fresh.

Today’s market is more competitive than ever, which is precisely why you need the right creative advertising agency in your corner. We are here to help you with everything, whether you are a startup or a seasoned company in need of a little fine-tuning. It’s our business to tell compelling stories, develop creative advertising strategies, and build beautifully strong brands.

We’re fun.

Delegate as much of your advertising work to us as you want while retaining total control over messaging, branding, and deliverables. By the time we’ve finished working our advertising magic, every piece of your brand’s puzzle will fit together perfectly.

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Don’t Hesitate

Not certain what’s wrong with your branding, advertising, or marketing strategy? Don’t have time to experiment? Talk with a HiveMind Studios strategist today. We’ll help you identify what’s wrong and what’s right. Call (408) 266-3162 or send email to


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A Creative Advertising Agency That Blends Strategy, Creativity, And Digital Marketing Tactics To Help Your Business Get More Customers.

Owner of Hivemind Studios
October 14, 2013
Updated: August 1, 2016

When you need new ideas to support technology, fashion, finance, biotech, consumer electronics and retail brands, choose HiveMind Studios, a creative advertising agency that provides fresh concepts to drive branding, advertising, and digital marketing for companies around the world.